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Paradox has been having a might busy weekend, announcing Crusader Kings 3 alongside no fewer than five new expansion packs for pretty much all of its biggest games. 
The popular prison building management sim, Prison Architect, is finally due for release this October 6th. Thats next week people.
We thought this day would never come. The eternally-in-Early-Access Prison Architect will be launching this October. Yep, version 1.0 of Prison Architect will be gracing our hard drives, a feature complete edition of Introversion’s prison management game.
I thought I’d be old, grey, and wizened when I finally typed these words, but Introversion has announced that Prison Architect will be launching this year. Let me type that again so I can believe myself - Prison Architect will be leaving Early Access by the end of the year 2015.
Only yesterday we were talking about the massive 22 different releases of Prison Architect in our feature on the best Early Access titles available on Steam. Now Introversion has gone and released yet another update, bringing Prison Architect up to Alpha 23 and adding a host of new goodies with which to keep them baddies locked up.
Prison Architect has clocked up an impressive 250,000 sales, making it Introversion’s best-selling game, a breakout hit if you like. Not bad for a game that isn’t even out yet.
Some building games are easier than others - in many popular games like SimCity, you don't even do the building, they just magically appear.