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Zoo Tycoon fans haven't had much to sing about lately but with Planet Zoo it feels like the return of one of the tycoon greats. A successor to Planet Coaster, although sadly not linked from a gameplay standpoint, Planet Zoo offers players the chance to oversee there very own zoo paradise.
Salutations animal lovers (or haters, depending on your view of cages)! Red Dead may be swallowing up the headlines but a little gem known as Planet Zoo happened to launch on the same day. From Frontier Developments (RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Planet Coaster), Planet Zoo is a zoological management sim with the sort of depth we've never seen before. It's out now, on PC, although it's certainly no slouch to run. 
Having learned plenty of lessons from Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier's Planet Zoo promises to be the ultimate zoo simulation. Players are given fine control over designing habits, breeding animals, and constructing a zoo that anybody would want to visit. Planet Zoo looks like a dream come true for management fans, let's just hope we can all meet the minimum specs for Planet Zoo.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may be the beta which is gathering all the headlines right now, but there’s also a little something for those who prefer shovelling poop to scooping up cerebral matter. Planet Zoo’s beta test is a big one, running from September 24th all the way through to October 8th, although it’s exclusive to those who pre-order Planet Zoo’s Deluxe Edition. Booooooo, hissssssss, and all that.
Planet Zoo was front and centre of Frontier’s showcase at Gamescom this year. The upcoming zoo management simulator is the successor to the humongously popular Planet Coaster, and players were told they’ve got their first chance to go hands-on with Planet Zoo during an early access beta from September 24th to October 8th. You will need to pre-order Planet Zoo in order to gain access though, which is a bit of a roadblock.
We’ve had many a zoo management game over the years of course, including Frontier’s own previous attempts with Xbox One launch title Zoo Tycoon. None have ever even come near to the level of depth which is on display in Planet Zoo though. There’s an astonishing level of attention to detail going on here.
Our first look at Planet Zoo gameplay was beamed in courtesy of the PC Gaming Show, From Frontier, the creators of Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo provides players with their very own zoological sandbox to build to their whim. There’s a full campaign included as well as a sandbox mode to go wild in. Ba dum tss.
In quite fantastic news, Zoo Tycoon is about to get a spiritual successor. Frontier Developments, they of Planet Coaster fame, has announced Planet Zoo, allowing would-be park builds construct their own wildlife attractions.