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Turn-based tactical strategy fans are in for a bit of a treat tomorrow because Phoenix Point comes to PC. The granddaddy of tactics is behind this one, Julian Gollop of X-COM and Laser Squad fame. 
Julian Gollop is the undisputed godfather of turn-based tactics, so when the creator of the XCOM series, and his new studio Snapshot Games, announced Phoenix Point, the gaming world sits up and takes notice. Phoenix Point is very much pitched as a spiritual successor to XCOM, right down to the bug-like alien menace terrorising Earth. Will Phoenix Point be terrorising your PC though? Let's find out.
Epic has scored another major coup for its storefront, snagging the eagerly anticipated Phoenix Point is a year-long Epic Games Store exclusive.
Hotly anticipated XCOM-like Phoenix Point has sadly been delayed yet again. Phoenix Point’s development is being headed up by the legendary Julian Gollop, the original XCOM creator, and it was Gollop who broke the news yesterday that Phoenix Point has been delayed an additional three in order to polish the experience.
If you’re a fan of turn-based tactics, Phoenix Point is definitely the sort of game you should be keeping an eye. It’s the work of original XCOM head honcho Julian Gollop, so bears more than a few passing similarities to the modern Firaxis titles. However, Phoenix Point uses the same pseudo-real-time shooting and aiming seen in the likes of Valkyria Chronicles, which should add some skill-based depth.
Legendary tactical strategy guru Julian Gollop has announced that the eagerly anticipated Phoenix Point has been delayed and will now not be ready to launch until 2019.
Julian Gollop, the original creator of XCOM, has announced his latest project to the world. The game is called Phoenix Point and will be a turn-based strategy game featuring world based strategy.