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Free-to-play action MOBA Paragon is shutting down, developer Epic Games has announced. Players have until April 26th, 2018, at which point Paragon’s servers will shut down for good.
The latest GeForce drivers have been released, and based on the reactions to the two previous driver updates Nvidia has pushed out, if you're running fine you may be better off taking a wait and see approach. 364.72 and 364.91 borked a number of machines, with some forced to rollback to prevent system crashes. I’ve had a few of these myself, so I’m hoping to grab this new one and have it all sorted.
Paragon is an upcoming third person MOBA by Epic Games that has been in Early Access for almost a week now. Boasting some shiny graphics and very cool looking characters, Paragon aims to expand the MOBA genre to a more action oriented experience. We've benchmarked the game to see what performance the game demands.
An already hotly contested genre, things are about to get even more heated for MOBAs throughout 2016 with Paragon. This time it's Unreal creator Epic strutting into the ring, bringing all its graphical panache to a type of game a little light on visual powerhouses.
If you had any doubts as to just what Paragon is, the latest How To Play trailer should answer your questions once and for all. It’s a vid designed to get those who nabbed Alpha invites up to speed with a general rundown on Paragon’s play mechanics, but it's also a great peek for those of us not lucky enough to get early access. Epic’s shooter is a pure MOBA through and through, right down to managing skill cooldowns, running lanes, destroying towers, and using minions as cannon fodder.
When Paragon closed the recent PlayStation Experience event it was with a disappointing whimper rather than the bang Epic and Sony were no doubt hoping. It was very much the case of right game, wrong audience though, with the MOBA shooter looking far more at home on PC.
Epic unleashed the first trailer for Paragon this weekend, closing the show to a distinctly confused and uninterested crowd at Sony’s PlayStation Experience. Coming on-stage to tell a bunch of hardened PlayStation gamers who’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to get to San Francisco for the two-day event, that we all love MOBAs, is just about the worst way to introduce a game feasible. It was made all the more bewildering when Sony’s Shawn Layden said it was their “mic drop moment.”
If you thought all Epic was beavering away on was Fortnite then think again, the Unreal Engine creator is also hard at work on an all-new shooter - Paragon. The suspiciously quiet game reveal came via Epic Games’ official Twitter account, telling us to “Prepare for Victory” and teasing the reveal of a new hero each and every week.
It’s set to be a momentous time for Diablo 3, as the 2.0.1 patch has finally been detailed, making sweeping changes to a number of the game’s major systems.
Blizzard will add the Paragon System to Diablo III. Last week the first information about the new patch, 1.0.4, was announced which would change Diablo.