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Bloober Team has been working on a next-gen upgrade to their cult Cyberpunk Horror Observer: System Redux. Since Gamescom 2020 is currently on, the developers have released a demo on Steam which is available now. Not only that, but owners of the original game will be given a great deal with an 80% discount.
Bloober Team have been cooking up a next-gen remaster of their cyberpunk horror/thriller called Observer: System Redux, and whilst it takes place in a dystopian sci-fi future, the PC system requirements have been revealed and they show a not-so-dark future for next-gen requirements at least. So let's take a closer look at the Observer System Redux PC system requirements...
Bloober Team has had a lot of success in the story-driven horror experiences market. Observer: System Redux will be coming to PC and next-gen consoles with all new graphics and story content.
Looks like the Cyberpunk-themed world of Observer will be getting a next-gen remaster, thanks to a teaser recently published by Bloober Team on their Youtube channel. The Observer System Redux Teaser video states that there will be a “next-gen reveal incoming”, whilst the description of the video lists: “\\title: observer_system_redux, _destination: next-gen, full_reveal: in progress.”
Some mercifully brief news for you all - Alan Wake's American Nightmare are now free to permanently add to your library on the Epic Games Store.
Sound the freebie klaxon, there are a few great giveaways going on over on the Epic Games Store. The big one is available right now and it’s Surviving Mars, the survival colony building strategy game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive.