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Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t the only game this holiday from EA absolutely riddled with microtransactions. Need For Speed Payback’s implementation of them within its single-player campaign is arguably even worse, although the common consensus seems to be that people just don’t care as much about Need For Speed, for better or worse. The reviews reflected the sorry state of affairs, sitting at a very poor 62/100 on Metacritic.
Rev your engines, try to muster up some enthusiasm, it’s Need For Speed time again. Oh how we’ve missed you for the last two years, we don’t know where we’d be without you. Playing Forza Horizon 3 probably, in truth. Anyway, Need For Speed Payback’s out next week, but you can play it right now if you drop some cash on EA or Origin Access on Xbox One or PC.
You obviously can’t have a racing game in 2017 without a hackneyed story thrown into the mix - step forward Need For Speed Payback. In truth it’s pretty much a must to have some sort of plot thrown in there when Ghost Games and EA are so obviously chasing the Fast & Furious crowd, providing a reason to drive like an absolute twonk around Fortune Valley.
Between Star Wars Battlefront 2 and now Need For Speed Payback, EA’s got a bit of a running theme going on. Content, lots of it. The more the better. Feast on all their lovely #content. Off the back of selling us Battlefront 2 by telling us how little Battlefront 1 has in it, EA and Ghost Games have been bigging up NFS: Payback’s open-world of Fortune Valley, the Need For Speed series biggest ever open world. We’ve got the full map and a fast and furious new trailer detailing all the activities that will be speckled throughout Fortune Valley.
Need For Speed's back and, in a name that seems increasingly self-referential to the 2015 reboot dud, this time it's payback. Need For Speed Payback is coming to PC on November 10th, taking more than a few cues from the Fast and Furious movies. EA and Ghost Games have also cosied up to Nvidia for this one, meaning performance optimisation for GeForce hardware. Here are the official Need For Speed Payback PC system requirements.
Nvidia’s presence at Gamescom 2017 has been extremely aggressive, and outside of a few AMD stalwarts like Bethesda, they seem to be dominating the marketing for every AAA game. Case in point Need For Speed Payback, another one of those cushy industry partnerships that promises the best possible performance on GeForce hardware.
EA’s Gamescom ‘conference’ didn’t exactly set pulses racing last night, but we did at least get some further peeks at EA’s upcoming line-up, including Need For Speed Payback and it's new and improved, deadly police AI. Ghost Games reckons “the return of intense cop chases means the stakes have never been higher.”
Electronic Arts have achieved new found desperation in pandering to the Fast and Furious audience, but it’s difficult to argue that they haven’t nailed the vibe with Need For Speed Payback. For petrolheads, one of the biggest aspects of racing is, of course, the cars themselves. Not just what’s under the hood either, but the decals, racing stripes and gargantuan upside down wings that pass for spoilers. On this front, Need For Speed Payback should have us covered. The latest trailer delves into all things customisation, eking out greater performance from your V12 or pimping your ride.
As expected, EA revealed a slew of new details on upcoming street racing heist-em-up Need For Speed Payback during its pre-E3 EA Play conference. An all-new trailer showed off the “Highway Heist”, a story-based mission crammed with set-pieces, ridiculous explosions, and a cheesy narrative. 
Need For Speed is racing back into our lives with the announcement of Need For Speed Payback. After 2015’s Need For Speed reboot proved somewhat disappointing, the racing series has gone back to the drawing board for NFS Payback. Based on a fictional version of Las Vegas, Need For Speed Payback promises to be an action-racing blockbuster in which the player and their crew are seeking revenge against the city’s Casino, ruled by a criminal cartel.