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Mortal Shell released recently to some critical success, the fresh experience truly made its mark in the Soulslike genre as something new and unique. And now, just in time for Halloween next weekend, Mortal Shell is getting a new update that adds a brand new mini-quest, some character skins, an alternative soundtrack, and an official photo mode.
Nvidia is currently on a spree to get as many games as possible to use ray tracing technology and their standout DLSS tech as well, so naturally Nvidia has announced a swathe of new games that will be implementing the tech sometimes this year, including Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, Mortal Shell, and more.
The somehow-even-more-gothic than Dark Souls game Mortal Shell is finally here, and it looks really good too. But before we jump into how it performs with our PC performance benchmark article, what graphics settings exactly are available in Mortal Shell? Does it have a lot of options to customize? Let's take a look at the official Mortal Shell PC graphics settings...
The nightmare-fuelled Mortal Shell is nearly upon us, and whilst we've been struggling to go to sleep at the very sight of some of these enemies, the PC system requirements for Mortal Shell are here. So how demanding is it? Will we need a beefy PC setup in order to run it well? Or does it not require that intense of a rig? Let's dive into the official Mortal Shell system requirements...
There are quite a lot of Dark Souls-inspired RPGs out there now, or should I say soulslikes, and the numbers only keep growing. But whilst we’re stuck with a lot of straight up clones of the fantastic series, we certainly do have a few unique gems. Mortal Shell seems like one of them, and if you were excited after the recent Closed-and-then-Open Beta, then you’re in luck because Mortal Shell launches in just 2 weeks on August 18th.
The hardcore souls-like experience Mortal Shell has been getting a bit of attention lately after some previews came out over the weekend. But after a lot of critical demand for the game the developers have now released the PC Beta open to everyone, so you can now download a sort of demo to try the game out for yourself.
I think we can all agree now that Soulslike RPG’s will not be going away any time soon. The incredible Dark Souls series that started it all (yes I know of Mortal Shell.