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Back in 90's you couldn't move for impaling your foot on toy cars lurking in carpets. Micro Machines were everywhere. There was also a token mega-rich kid at every school who had the whole damn Micro Machines city which unfolded from a suitcase, like some sort of pre-pubescent Patrick Bateman. Then it all sort of... faded away, but it's back with a bang this summer thanks to Micro Machines World Series. Codemasters is updating the classic top-down racer for a new era,  with online play, battle arenas and, erm, Hungry Hippos. Should you want to bathe in its nostalgia, here's the official Micro Machines World Series PC system requirements.
Few franchises quite as much nostalgia baggage around with them as Micro Machines. Generations of kids have grown up with the toys and played the games, and it’s own special blend of top-down, miniature competitive racing. It usually means people don’t like it if Codemasters mess with the formula, but the first screenshots for Micro Machines World Series show a tantalizing blend of the old and new.
The legendary top-down racing series Micro Machines is back. Codemasters has announced Micro Machines World Series. You’ll once again be racing miniature vehicles around gigantic-looking real-world locations including kitchen tables, gardens, workshops and more.