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For a long while, EA Sports was glossing over the mere existence of PC as a platform, aside from the FIFA series. This year that all changed though, and we’re about to get our first Madden game in a decade with Madden NFL 19 on August 10th. That’s not all though, as we could be set to get even more of EA’s catalogue of sports titles on PC, including the likes of NHL.
UPDATE: Having previously revealed the minimum specs for Madden NFL 19, EA Sports has now revealed the official recommended system requirements for Madden 19, as well as making a few small tweaks to the minimum hardware requirements. We've updated the system specs below to reflect these changes, as well as the Madden NFL 19 game page here on GD.
Hold onto your butts, NFL fans. Like clockwork, EA Sports announced NFL 19 onstage during its E3 2018 EA Play press conference.