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Actually getting Red Dead Redemption 2 up and running has been a bit of a logistical nightmare (and we are not alone) but we've done it, sort of. Well, Felix managed to get it running anyway, so he's been busy dipping his toes into the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 and snatched some early Low vs Ultra RDR2 comparison screenshots.
We're all set for a weekend sneaking around in the woods playing soldiers because the Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta is now live and kicking.
If you've snagged an Xbox Game Pass subscription then the Gears 5 tech test has been playable over the whole weekend. It's been our first chance to go hands-on with Gears 5 ahead of its September 10th launch.
Anno 1800, or Anno 7 if you're keeping count, is one very good looking strategy game. So good looking it can make the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB break into quite a sweat. As ever though, performance comes down to the graphics settings you're happy with. 
Just Cause 4 isn’t the sort of game that’s going to win awards for visual fidelity alone. It’s fairly easy on the eye but it’s also not exactly leaps and bounds ahead of 2015’s Just Cause 3. Really we’re here for the jaw-dropping draw distances, roaring explosions, and hyperactive speed as Rico Rodriguez wingsuits, paraglides and grapples his way across a diverse island.
Playground Games unleashed the Forza Horizon 4 PC demo last night. It weighs in at a hefty 28GB but includes a full quarter of the racer's open-world. We were itching to see how Forza Horizon 4 runs on PC, as well as how good it looks this year. Benchmarks will be up shortly, but in the meantime here's what some extra graphical grunt will get you with a series of Low vs Ultra graphics presets Forza Horizon 4 comparison pics.
Just in case you missed it, a free demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is now available on PC (through Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It provides exhibition matches and even the opportunity for online play. Naturally, we were keen to see how PES 2019 looks and runs on PC, and our first port of call is a Low vs Ultra graphics comparison for Pro Evo 2019.