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It’s that time of the month where we saw who and what is rolling in piles of filthy lucre, and it’s a familiar tale for some of the biggest games in existence. Fortnite: Battle Royale continues to rake in cash at an obscene rate, leading to Epic swelling in value to $8 billion, around 10x as much as the Unreal Engine creator was worth in 2012.
PUBG creator Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has been chatting about the meteoric success of his Early Access battle royale-style survival game, suggesting that eclipsing League of Legends' 100 million monthly active users could be an achievable target. As it stands, Battlegrounds is still on an upward curve, shifting two million units in the last week alone.
Iconic footballer Edgar Davids has successfully won a lawsuit with Riot Games over the use of the Lucian skin in League of Legends. After crushing the likes of AC Milan, Davids has now taken on the biggest game in the world won.
When it comes to publishers, they don’t come much bigger than Tencent, Chinese owner of Riot Games. Its rosters of titles includes a little something we like to call League of Legends, a game which now has over 100 million active monthly users. Now Tencent has announced plans to launch its own Steam competitor, dubbed WeGame. With 200 million users in China already using its previous Tencent Games Platform,  it has the potential to usurp Steam’s total of 125 million active users worldwide within just a matter of days.
We live in an age where eSports is now being shown on ESPN and the BBC, and it doesn’t seem there’s any slowing down its growth. Unfortunately, there’s still millions of gamers looking in from the outside due to the often impenetrable nature of the games and the tournament formats. Huge events are the best times for beginners to get involved, and with the League of Legends Spring Split finals for North America and Europe just around the corner (Sunday, 17th April), now is a great time to jump in.
League of Legends is constantly updating and changing itself, and in 2015 released over twice as many new champions as DotA 2 did. Each of the newest champions in League have been introduced with new mechanics and features and it can get hard to keep track of who is who so we’ve decided to create an overview for each new champion as they are released.
League of Legends creator Riot Games makes a lot of money. $1 billion a year, in fact. That’s equivalent to $31 each and every second. In fact it’s probably so much cash it’s almost a burden. Like Brewster’s Millions they’ve got to work their socks off to even spend it all.
In what’s probably the largest slice of news regarding eSports to come out of our fair isle, the BBC has said it will be showing the League of Legends World Championships Finals live on TV. The quarter finals are being held at Wembley Arena, with BBC Three hosting the entire event live. It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest leaps forward eSports has taken here in the UK, with League of Legends being granted mainstream coverage.
In terms of welcoming experiences League of Legends is right up there with the Hellmouth opening up and swallowing you whole, such is its stringent demands on new players.
League of Legends is set to get a magnificently mustachioed new addition in a forthcoming update.
It seems no one can keep a lid on the success of League of Legends. Riot Games’ free-to-play MOBA continues to grow and grow.