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It’s the end of the week, and that means more games free on the Epic Games Store. Two weeks ago The Escapists 2 was supposed to be part of the free deal, but something went wrong and it was never released. Now it seems like Epic Games has fixed the problem, and Lifeless Planet are free on the Epic Games Store this week.
Clearly choosing to wilfully ignore the controversy surrounding the introduction of micro-transactions to Payday 2, Tripwire Interactive has gone ahead and done just that with Steam Early Access title Killing Floor 2. Despite no mention of micro-transactions for customers who've bought the co-op shooter up until now, the next update will bring cosmetic items, payable with real cash through an in-game store called the Trading Floor.
Sometimes, all you want to do is mow your way through a crowd of zombies with reckless abandon. Too often we've had to tiptoe around the brain-dead hordes, but Killing Floor 2 puts the power firmly in the player's hands once more. Locked and loaded with an awesome arsenal of high-end weaponry, it's the living versus the undead in blood-spattered fights, last men standing. 
In case you hadn't spied it in the upcoming releases, Tripwire Interactive's hyper-kinetic horde-based shooter, Killing Floor 2, is hitting Steam Early Access in a fortnight's time. By then you'll probably be sick of Grand Theft Auto V, and Mortal Kombat X won't seem nearly violent enough, but Killing Floor 2 will be ready to whisk you away on a journey of claret-spilling mayhem.
Tripwire Interactive has released a bunch of new screens for Killing Floor 2, showcasing some gloriously barbaric in-game scenes. Killing Floor has never been afraid to pull its punches when it comes to gratuitous violence, and here we can see hordes of enemies obliterated by flamethrowers, wrenches, and 1000 mph hot lead.