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Calling all console fans who like paying over the odds for a resolution bump - a Hitman HD Enhanced Collection has been announced. Hitman HD Enhanced Collection includes 4K/60fps versions of both Hitman Absolution and Hitman Blood Money, enhanced with improved lighting and updated modern control schemes.
Hitman Absolution may be over a year old now and gathering dust for some, but that hasn’t stopped new contracts mysteriously appearing for all three platforms.
Far Cry 3 released last week to incredible reception but, like Hitman Absolution, both  failed to get to number one in the gamers charts.
Squee and I have played Hitman since its first jagged edge version back in 2000. We thought it was original and delivered a much needed change of pace from the other FPS games that were starting to turn up.
In Hitman Absolution, due out on November 20th, you get to play as one of the deadliest assassins we have come to love, Agent 47.
Early gameplay footage of Hitman Absolution (the first murdery outing for the anti-social baldy killer in seven years, incredibly) pointed towards a more arcadey experience, with Agent 47 taking down dozens of enemy guards, while creeping through an enormous library.
More details on Square Enix's Hitman: Absolution have been slithering from the shadows at E3 this week.
E3 - We have got our hands on a few Hitman Absolution screenshots. IO interactive will start to ramp up their media goodies from now as the development cycle gets in to full swing.