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Back in June of last year, id Software announced Doom Eternal would support Vulkan-powered raytracing through the id Tech 7 game engine. Fast forward to today and it looks as if that real-time raytracing implementation is going to have to wait a while. Id Software has now admitted it hasn’t spent much time on adding ray-tracing to Doom Eternal whatsoever, choosing instead to focus on other key technical areas. 
For those who turned into Nintendo’s slightly tepid E3 2018 showcase, they were treated to a few low-key announcements as well a very in-depth look at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Whatever your views on Smash, it was an E3 showing that was a little light on content and perhaps worrying for Nintendo Switch owners looking for something to play.
Ever wondered why CPU clock speeds have stayed much the same over the last decade? Back in the 90’s and early 00’s, the big push from AMD and Intel was in upping their clock speeds, reaching the hallow 1.0GHz mark before pushing up to 2 and then eventually 3.0GHz by 2003. And then, well, it just stopped being a priority. Both AMD and Intel opted to focus on multiple cores, and the promise of 10GHz CPU cores seems as distant now as it did 10 years ago.
When Stronghold 3 came out its fair to say it was a disappointment. Fans of the series had waited a long time for a suitable successor to the, now classic, Stronghold 2.