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Change is afoot at Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries, a mere year before Halo Infinite is due to arrive as Project Scarlett launch title. Not only did creative director Tim Longo leave 343 Industries a couple of months ago but now executive producer Mary Olson has also announced she’s left.
Microsoft's E3 2019 Xbox press conference is arguably the most hyped it's been this decade. A string of pro-consumer moves have led us to a point where we eager to see what Microsoft is cooking up next. Microsoft has been snapping up studios left, right, and centre, and now it could be time to see the fruits of Ninja Theory, Playground Games, and other's labour.
Halo and Battle Royale has always sounded like the bacon and eggs of the multiplayer world. By which I mean they need to be put between two slices of bread and gobbled up pronto. It’s a series that popularised multiplayer FPS on consoles, as well as large maps and vehicles, and it basically looks like the perfect fit for Battle Royale. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a naked Master Chief dropping from a Pelican and scrabbling around for a frying pan and his beloved assault armour.
Microsoft kicked off its E3 2018 in perhaps the biggest fashion it could muster - announcing an all-new Halo game. Halo Infinite is coming to both Xbox One and PC.