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Today, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally complete, as Halo 4 has officially arrived on PC today ahead of it’s scheduled release time. Bringing brand new PC-specific settings to the collection, this will surely be the definitive way to play Halo 4.
343 Industries have been hard at work bringing the entire main Halo franchise up to Halo 4 on PC, and so far we’ve gotten everything except one: Halo 4. The last official title to come to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 revealed that flighting will begin this month, though no specific date has been set, and anyone can sign up for the official Beta.
Microsoft has laid its cards on the table for the upcoming month of Xbox Game Pass titles, and it’s a bit of a belting collection. For those out of the loop, Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription service wherein users have access to a growing library of games for as long as their subscription lasts. The downside is that games can slide off out of the service, but it’s steadily expanded from 100 titles at launch to just over 200 now.
Production costs for Halo 4 are by far the most that Microsoft has been willing to spend on a game title before, says Phil Spencer, Studio Boss of Microsoft. "Nothing comes even close".
Halo 4 will get specializations in the multiplayer. 343 Industries is planning to completely change the multiplayer of the next Halo game.