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Supergiant Games has had a pretty substantial track record of really great games, springing into everyone’s conversations first with Bastion, then Transistor and Pyre. Now their latest creation, Hades - an intense roguelike based on Greek mythology - has just launched out of Early Access last week, and has apparently now sold more than 1 million copies.
Hades is about to become the first prisoner of war to make the great escape from the Epic Games Store, leaping like a salmon-y Steve McQueen over to its new home on good old Steam. 
Everyone and his dog seems to be making a Warhammer game these days but, on the basis of the first gameplay trailer, Space Hulk Deathwing could well be one to stand out from the crowd. A first-person squad-based shooter, Space Hulk Deathwing is giving me some serious Star Wars: Republic Commando vibes, with you and your Space Marine buddies dropped into various derelict ships floating in space and tasked with clearing them out.
I sit here now, I think pretty much a full year later, still trying to conquer Bloodborne. I’m very nearly there I think, but these From Software games certainly take their toll on me. As soon as the credits roll on Bloodborne I’m all too aware Dark Souls III is right around the corner, and in the latest trailer it’s looking as if it may be the toughest yet.