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Obsidian’s latest survival game Grounded has seen a lot of success since launching in Early Access and on the Xbox Game Pass, the developers recently revealed that they hit 1 million players within 48 hours after launch and promised a new update soon. Well, that new update is here, and it brings a lot of new additions to the backyard.
Obsidian’s latest backyard survival game Grounded reaches 1 million players, first update coming soon has reportedly reached 1 million players within it’s first 48 hours of launch, and it also happens to be the number 1 selling game on Steam that’s in Early Access too - that’s quite the achievement despite also being available on the Xbox Games Pass.
Obsidian has been busy, at least that’s what it seemed like at the Xbox Games Showcase last week and debuted 3 projects including Grounded, a new DLC for The Outer Worlds called Peril on Gorgon, and the brand new fantasy RPG Avowed. Their first project, Grounded, is now available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass.
Don’t let their size fool you, the official demo for Obsidian’s next pint-sized adventure will be releasing in just over 2 weeks via an Xbox Insider Flight and even coming to Steam during the Summer Game Festival. Get a chance to explore your own backyard in much more detail; build, survive, and run away from giant multi-legged creatures including some terrifying arachnid monstrosities! Yes, I'm still not over that, and you bet I'm enabling arachnophobia mode when Grounded comes out.
Grounded is that one game that I think quite a few of us are interested in seeing, it’s Obsidian’s own survival game about shrunk drown teens trying to live in the back garden. Usually this is where I would cue the obvious Honey I Shrunk the Kids joke, but now that I think about it, this game has a lot more to do with Lord of Flies, or maybe I’m just looking too deep into things.
After a while of short updates and little teasers of gameplay, we finally have a Story trailer for Obsidian’s Grounded, a honey-I-shrunk-the-kids-style survival game. We had little details of what would be included within the game in terms of features and mechanics, but the story was never fully revealed.
Obsidian’s next game, Subnautica’s open world freedom and narrative story, and an early access version coming out on Xbox Game Pass, this is going to be a game to watch.
Obsidian’s strange Honey-I-shrunk-the-kids-esque survival game, Grounded, is coming to Early Access later this year, and we now have an official Steam page for the game. Whilst the target goal for the full release is “sometime in 2021”, we have a little more info regarding what exactly will be in the Early Access release of the game later this year.
Obsidian has announced The Outer Worlds. Grounded will be the first Obsidian title to be published by Microsoft, although it was actually in development before the esteemed studio’s acquisition earlier this year.