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The cult hit survival city-builder Frostpunk: On The Edge, after originally being teased as "Project TVADGYCGJR". So if you weren’t cold enough playing it already, then prepare to get frostbite once more as the final DLC comes out on August 20th 2020.
It’s a weird time to be playing a post-apocalyptic game during these times, but Frostpunk’s cold nature brings a fresh take on the apocalyptic landscapes. The standout hit has gained a lot of praise since it’s release and even released a few expansions of DLC already. Now, it’s final expansion has been revealed; previously known as the mysterious ‘Project TVADGYCGJR’, the new DLC is called ‘On The Edge’ and there’s even a mysterious teaser trailer already out.
Well, Red Dead Redemption 2 is running rampant, isn't it? There's a vocal core speaking out against its fine form but you're still voting for it in droves. Hopefully the final can present a sterner test. But onwards, to our final semi-final. It's the battle of two PC-focused heavyweights as Kingdom Come: Deliverance steps into the ring with Frostpunk.
And so we arrive at the final fight of the first round. Five games have booked their slots in the semis but two have been nervously waiting in the wings for their chance. It's time for the war of the PC exclusives, a battle of the minds as two strategy giants lock horns. It's Two Point Hospital versus Frostpunk.
A word of warning if you’re looking at picking up some gaming bargains on Amazon today. The retailer has been selling pirated copies of PC games such as Frostpunk and Surviving Mars, a practice that has possibly been going on for as long as a year.
If you’ve not been keeping an eye on the development of Frostpunk, you probably should be. It’s a new strategy management title from the folks behind This War of Mine, this time tasking players with building the last city on Earth after a freezing permafrost brings doom to civilization. Billions have died, and it’s down to a group of survivors to rebuild life; scavenging for resources in order to build up New London.