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It’s easily forgotten in this day and age but Square Enix has long been the gold standard for cinematic cut-scenes, right from back in the glory days of the PlayStation and the early adoption of disc media. With Final Fantasy VII Remake, it looks as if they’re back with a bang.
Final Fantasy VII Remake was undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed games on the show floor at E3 2019 and we’re all understandably itching to find out when, or even if, the fancy pants JRPG remake will be coming to PC and other platforms.
Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed. Originally scheduled to launch on March 3rd, FFVII Remake has now been pushed back to April 10th in order to make some last-minute improvements to quality. 
In case you missed it, a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake was discovered on the PlayStation Network and some nefarious folks have been busy datamining it to hell and back. Square Enix accidentally left a ton of files pertaining to the full release, you see, and the community is leaving no stone unturned in terms of spoiling every single little bit they can find.
Square Enix has gone a bit wild with new screenshots for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, showing off plenty of familiar areas for the first time. FFVII Remake looks both faithful and refreshingly new, breathing new life into some iconic locales found in Midgar such as Aerith’s house, the Sector 5 church, and the surprisingly quaint village which Aerith is living in, albeit under constant threat of impending doom.
Marvel’s Avengers ended up being nothing more than a damp squib but Final Fantasy VII Remake was present and correct at Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference with a pair of new trailers.
Square Enix has opted not to hold until its E3 2019 press conference later today to reveal what’s probably its biggest nugget of all - Final Fantasy VII Remake's worldwide release date.
One of the most beloved JRPGs of all time is back once again. Square Enix revealed an all-new Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser trailer during last night’s State of Play event. Cloud, Barret, Aerith, and co, are strutting their stuff around a gloriously updated rendition of Midgar, while we also get a fairly decent look at the combat gameplay.
Originally announced way back in 2015, it seems we’re still nowhere close to Final Fantasy VII Remake being a real thing. We’ve had a couple of teaser trailers and that’s about it, but if you wanted further proof that this project is still a shapeless, primordial gloop, rather than a title deep in development, look no further than Square Enix’s job posting for a Battle Planner.
Take this with a mighty pinch of salt but Square Enix is reportedly planning an absolutely mammoth celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary next year.
Great news! Sublime JRPG Final Fantasy VI is coming to PC for the first time ever! Bad news! It’s the terrible mobile version! Ah, we can always count on Square Enix to give us the totally wrong version of Final Fantasy. That means a clunky interface designed for touch screens, and reworked graphics that lack the charm of the originals.