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Electronic Arts have revealed that sales of the popular title Fifa 13 have exceeded 4.5 million copies within the first 5 days.
Sony is now slowy but surely starting off it's marketing push of it's newest edition of the PS3 - the Super Slim PS3 - by releasing three new screenshots.
Its fair to say that EA's Fifa has held the coveted football/soccer crown for a couple of years now but it was not that long ago when PES were considered football champs.
Clockwork football. Every year we get another version of Fifa (and PES).
EA have announced the release date for their next FIFA title, Fifa 13. They have also let us know that a Limited Edition version will be available for pre-orders and for customers who buy the game on the release date.
EA Canada are, as usual, bringing us FIFA 13 later this year and we have already been passed the FIFA 2013 system requirements. The reason for such early requirements, it seems, is that little is changing in terms of graphics engine.
Fifa 13 promises game changing innovations and will be looking to build on its AI, dribbling and collision systems. Motion capture and player movement is inspired by Lionel Messi and as usual EA have bagged official licence rights for over 500 clubs.