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Tired of your Far Cry 3 not having enough neon, dinosaurs, synths and robotic arms? Not to fear as Ubisoft are bringing Christmas early. After an elaborate internet cat and mouse game of hide and seek befitting to the comedic 80s fest that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is, it has now been the title confirmed that Ubisoft will be chucking at us later this month. 
Many of us are still stunned as to exactly what Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is, where it came from, and why we love it's glowing neon lines.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was thought to be an April Fools joke when it was first teased, but instead has become one of the most unusual games to come from a AAA development team in years.
It's funny how games companies often completely ignore leaks and pretend they aren't happening, hoping everything will blow away after a while.
Surely this is Ubisofts stab at April Fools, but the site to the game is still live now. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.