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For quite a few years now, Codemasters F1 series, unlike the racing cars themselves, hasn't exactly been at the forefront of gaming technology. While the visuals have been fairly easy on the eye, they haven't really pushed PC gaming hardware to the limits. Well, it looks like F1 2016 could, with a mighty beefy rig needed to hit those all important recommended system requirements for Formula 1 2016. 
It’s rather easy to forget there’s a new F1 2016 on the way from the driving maestros at Codemasters, so just to make sure it’s still lodged in our minds somewhere they’ve gone and released a new gameplay trailer. Showing an entire lap of Austria’s famous Spielberg circuit it, uh, looks a tiny bit better than F1 2015.
It’s a new F1 season, or at least has been for the last two months and counting, and you know what that means - the good folks at Codemasters have announced F1 2016, or Formula One Twenty Sixteen for those with an intense aversion to acronyms. By all accounts last year’s outing was a touch threadbare; Codemasters working to push it out in time for the 2015 season and evidently finding the jump to the current crop of consoles a little troubling. F1 2016 looks to address these problems, reinstating the 10-season career mode, adding a safety car and a new street circuit in the shape of Baku, Azerbaijan.