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Despite some rocky efforts coming from BioWare, Dragon Age 4 is still a hotly anticipated game thanks to the critical success of the previous Dragon Age: Inquisition. And whilst we’ve been teased for a while now regarding the next game in the series, it looks like an official reveal will be coming this Thursday during The Game Awards.
Yesterday saw the start of the digital version of Gamescom 2020, kicking off with the usual Opening Night Live ceremony that gave us loads of new trailers and gameplay for various already announced games as well as a few surprises. Unfortunately not all of the clips were uploaded online officially by the publishers or developers, so we’ve had to use some reuploads from some very kind YouTube users.
Just in case you were wondering whether Bioware is still working on Dragon Age 4, or put it on the back bench for now as most of the team works from home and still committed to overhauling Anthem, then don’t worry because executive producer Mark Darrah recently tweeted that yes, they are still working hard on the next Dragon Age game.
EA Play Live took place yesterday, and there was some pretty big news  to come out of it. Not only did we get to see some actual gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons, but the bombshell of Skate 4’s announcement was also a highlight. However, EA tried to play coy and give us a little tease as to what’s coming with a next-gen tech teaser that showed off a bit of Battlefield 6.
This time a decade ago we were about three weeks away from the launch of Mass Effect 2. Excitement was reaching fever pitch after the original Mass Effect provided an inkling of BioWare’s eventual sci-fi epic. True to form, Mass Effect 2 would launch on January 26th, 2010, and proceed us all away with a space opera featuring dozens of planets to explore, intimately designed hubs, and a fantastic cast of characters. It was everything we expected from BioWare because, simply enough, they were the king of RPGs.
It takes some serious faith these days to muster up some excitement for new BioWare games but, compared to the Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4 then, and according to a new teaser tweet from BioWare we may not have to wait long at all until we can lay our eyes on it. 
Another lengthy report into the strife at Bioware has come to light, courtesy of Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. He’s been sleuthing around the development of Dragon Age 4, a game which was (very briefly) announced during The Game Awards in December.
We had to get by on the barest of scraps but sure enough, Dragon Age 4 was revealed at the Game Awards.
Development of Dragon Age 4 is well underway according to BioWare’s Mark Darrah, who has confirmed he is an executive producer on both Anthem and the unannounced Dragon Age project.
After Mass Effect Andromeda dropped with all the panache that a lead balloon entails, BioWare retreating to the safety of another beloved IP seems like a sensible prospect. Up until now, BioWare has kept pretty schtum about what it has in the pipeline, yet an interview with writer Alexis Kennedy has confirmed an all-new Dragon Age 4 title is in the works.