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AMD hosted a secretive press event a few days ago, showing the assembled throng its latest Radeon Vega 10 GPU. A full reveal is planned for CES in January, but ahead of then some juicy details have leaked out regarding AMD’s next-generation graphics processing unit. Vega 10 is being used in graphics card supposedly called the Radeon Fury Pro. Head to head benchmarks from the showcase indicate the Fury Pro outstrips the GeForce GTX 1080 by at least 10% in DOOM Vulkan benchmarks while running at 4K / Ultra.
Next up in our Bethesda big game E3 2015 recap we have another iconic brand, Doom. The first Doom is of course a gaming legend from 1993. In 2016 we will see the release of id Software’s next game, Doom 4, or should I say DOOM, which is what they're calling it. All caps. Angry.
id Software has shown off the latest Doom game exclusively to QuakeCon attendees in Dallas. The reboot will simply be titled Doom, and will be running on the all-new id Tech 6 game engine that will be capable of 1080p and 60 fps gaming on the next-gen consoles.
Bethesda claims that after such a long and protracted development Doom 4 has to prove itself once again as a worthwhile franchise.
Doom 4 will be exclusively revealed to attendees at this year’s QuakeCon 2014 event on July 17th.
Bethesda has a released the world’s first trailer for id Software’s Doom 4, teasing a monstrous-looking new cyberdemon.
Wolfenstein: The New Order has officially had its release date announced for the 23rd May, and as if that wasn’t enough for lovers of robotic-Nazi-death-mayhemism, pre-ordering the game will grant you guaranteed access to the Doom beta.
In this age of remakes, Doom is one of those with the longest history, and id Software know just how key it will be to make the sequel appealing to long term fans.
Bethesda has confirmed development on Doom 4, but the release date is still unknown, and a long way away.