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This is probably going to sound hideous to some folks but there’s a fairly substantial rumour doing the rounds that Blizzard was working on Diablo 2 Remastered, and that this remaster has been cancelled.
Diablo 4 is being built with expansions in mind and will have in-game purchases for cosmetic items only, according to Joe Shelly, Lead Designer over at Diablo 4. Joe handles "combat systems, encounters and dungeons" in Diablo 4.
It’s been the world’s worst kept secret but Diablo 4 was finally announced on Friday evening. We’ve been hanging on for a sequel for more than seven years now, and if Blizzard was aiming to find a way to quell any potential BlizzCon protests, dropping a stunning gameplay trailer for Diablo 4 was a surefire way to do it.
BlizzCon 2019 is shaping up to one heck of an event. I’m probably not alone in saying I haven’t looked forward to a BlizzCon this much since, well, forever. Who knew the games would end up becoming secondary entertainment at a gaming conference? 
It’s increasingly looking as if Diablo 4 is a done deal now. The rumours have been whirling for a good few years but BlizzCon 2019 is almost assuredly the date when it becomes official. BlizzCon takes place over the weekend of November 1-2.
Blizzard currently has a grand total of eight job listings open for positions related to an “unannounced project” within the Diablo franchise. There’s already one announced project, Diablo Immortal, so the natural suspicion is this, in fact, Diablo 4.
Unsurprisingly, Diablo 4’s history is long and troubled. If we can even call it Diablo 4. This is one particular project that sounds as if it’s been chopped and changed, canceled and restarted, splintering off into different directions as Blizzard tries to understand what a Diablo 3 sequel would even look like.
If you have even a cursory interest in Blizzard and the Diablo series, you’ll be all too aware of the storm of controversy that blew up during BlizzCon 2018 over the weekend. Blizzard ended its opening keynote for the event with the reveal of Diablo Immortal, a new mobile Diablo game developed in conjunction with NetEase.
Blizzard is currently hiring for several positions related to its Diablo action-RPG series. Over on Blizzard’s career page, they have a total of nine roles open for aspiring artists, audio technicians, and server experts. The new hires at its Irvine studio points towards the rumoured Diablo 2 HD remaster, or possibly even Diablo 4.
Rumours of Diablo 4 have been gathering steam in recent weeks but Blizzard has just dropped the biggest clue yet. With Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon event just around the corner (kicking off November 4th), Blizzard has been sending out swag bags to a select few folks invited to the event. Inside there’s a die. Although it’s not just any old die, it’s a custom-made D4 four-sided die.
So it’s come round to that time of year again. Grab your Imperius cosplay and your Hearthstone deck, as Blizzard’s yearly BlizzCon bash is just around the corner. The full BlizzCon schedule is out now, providing some tantalising details of what we can expect from the mighty fine, probably bearded (at least in my head) folks at Blizzard, dropping a few potential hints of some Diablo goodness coming our way.