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If there’s one thing publisher THQ Nordic has enough of, it’s games. Last we heard, THQ Nordic has more than 80 games in active development. Eighty! Its appetite is insatiable though, promoting the creation of an all-new studio dedicated to the development of shooter survival games.
It’s been stuck in limbo for what feels like forever, but now DayZ’s lead producer, Eugen Harton, has said the Early Access survival game will be undergoing a relaunch of sorts in a few weeks’ time.
Considering PUBG is due to launch out of Early Access and into 1.0 this very month, barring any unforeseen delays, we can’t help but raise a wry smile when DayZ rears its had. It’s been a long old journey for a game that actually helped inspire PlayerUnknown in the first place, but after half a decade in Steam’s Early Access program, it looks as if DayZ will finally launch properly in 2018.
We thought when this news arrived it would be sitting alongside ‘Pigs can fly’ and ‘Ubisoft abandons DLC’, but sure enough, DayZ is moving to a beta version soon with its upcoming 0.63 patch. It’s only taken four years.
Dean Hall, of DayZ fame and ex-Bohemia Interactive employee, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Intel i7 CPU exclusive DLC for Arizona Sunshine. He believes exclusives are a necessity for sustaining games development, particularly when growing niche markets such as virtual reality.
DayZ, the poster boy for Early Access, will not be finished until at least the first half of 2016, developer Bohemia Interactive has revealed. The online zombie survival game originally released at the tail-end of last year on Steam Early Access, but it could be as much three years beyond that until the final release hits store shelves.
DayZ’s an interesting prospect. The archetypal Early Access title, DayZ is a consistent best-seller on Steam despite being a wholly unfinished product. Millions have stepped foot into its undead-littered world for a go at its relentlessly hostile multiplayer. Beginning life as an Arma 2 mod before becoming a standalone Early Access release, DayZ Standalone is undoubtedly still a long way from the finished project, causing some degree of concern in the community.
Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4, bringing with it a new renderer which will benefit the graphics and performance on both Sony’s next-gen console and PC.
It has been a pretty incredible few months for DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive. DayZ - which started life as a mod for ARMA 2 and was released as a standalone game in December - continues to attract vast numbers of sales in its Early Access Alpha stage.
DayZ creator Dean Hall might be making a run for it soon, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the zombie hordes from amassing in greater numbers than ever before. The DayZ Standalone development team is swelling to twice its original size owing to the incredible success of the now-standalone mod.
DayZ creator Dean Hall has sensationally revealed that he will be leaving developer Bohemia Interactive by the end of this year, leaving the development of the now standalone Arma mod to the team he is currently leading.