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Epic continues to give away games at a bewildering pace on its storefront (seriously, why would you risk buying anything in the Holiday Sale?), dishing out free copies of three different games to permanently own.
THQ Nordic have arrived to save us from what could be a dreadfully slow end of the week for news, particularly with Thanksgiving now going on Stateside. It’s for Darksiders Genesis, the new action-RPG Diablo-lite which is due to launch next week.
THQ Nordic has announced a release date for Darksiders Genesis and, in a surprise twist, it’s actually coming to PC before it lands on consoles. What a rare treat. 
If you enjoy Darksiders or Diablo, or even better, both, then the upcoming Darksiders Genesis looks as if it’s the backscratcher that can scratch two itches at once. Brought to use by Airship Syndicate, who’ve already knocked it out of the park with Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Darksiders Genesis is a hack ‘n’ slash dungeon romp set before the events of the original Darksiders.
Stop it THQ Nordic, there’ll be no studios left which you don’t own soon. They’ve only gone and snapped up yet another development studio. This time THQ Nordic has got the chequebook out for Gunfire Games, an American video game development studio formed in 2014 which has risen to prominence with last year’s Darksiders 3.
Just seven months on from Darksiders 3's launch here we are, knee deep in info on Darksiders Genesis, an all-new action-RPG spin-off set in the Darksiders universe. It's the 4 Horsemen (and woman) of the Apocalypse meets Diablo, and anyone who loves intense clicking should be in for a treat. But, Darksiders 3 didn't exactly run like a dream, so be prepared for anything. In the meantime, here are the official Darksiders Genesis PC system specs.
We’ve barely been given time to miss the Darksiders franchise and it’s already back. Following in the footsteps of Darksiders 3 is Darksiders Genesis, an all-new spin on the Darksiders franchise that’s being developed by Airship Syndicate, the team behind the very well-received Battle Chasers: Nightwar.
The external impression of Darksiders 3 was that it didn't exactly set the gaming world on fire for THQ Nordic, either critically or commercially. We may not have had the full picture though, and it’s now been confirmed that a new Darksiders game will be revealed at E3 2019.
The eagerly anticipated Darksiders 3 arrived yesterday, and it was accompanied by the usual launch trailer. The initial critical reception to Darksiders 3 has been a little…. Mixed, you could say, with a decent action-adventure appearing to lurk beneath a mountain of bugs. The early scores range from a handful of 9/10’s all the way down to a 2/10 and a damaging 4/10 from Gamespot.
Unfortunately, the current version of Darksiders III on PC has a frame rate cap in place preventing Darksiders 3 from running above 60 frames per second.
We thought the Darksiders franchise was dead and buried when THQ bit the dust all those years ago. Nordic Games came and picked up the ashes though, even renaming themselves THQ Nordic. And thus they greenlit Darksiders 3, an all-new action-adventure this time developed by Gunfire Games.