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Amazon has been trying to break into the gaming landscape with their own niche titles, the latest of which to release was Crucible, a free-to-play team-based action shooter. It released to mild acclaim, but ultimately was reverted back into Closed Beta due to player feedback, and now the developers have revealed that development on Crucible has been officially cancelled.
Amazon Game Studios has been having a tough time as of late, the recently launched free-to-play arena FPS Crucible was released to mixed success. It had some issues to clean up after the launch in May, but now it seems like those problems have been too much for the development team, and Crucible has officially been moved back into Closed Beta after a full release.
Amazon recently just came out to announce that their team-based competitive multiplayer shooter, Crucible, will be releasing in just a couple weeks for PC exclusively on Steam. And with that announcement they've also released the minimum and recommended system requirements.
Amazon Games have been cooking up a couple projects lately, but out of nowhere they’ve announced that their free-to-play competitive team-based shooter called Crucible, where players can choose from a diverse range of characters as they battle it out on a rogue planet at the edge of space, is launching in just a couple of weeks.
We’re still or about six or seven weeks away from the Darksiders 3’s launch, but Gunfire Games and publisher THQ Nordic are ready to talk about DLC plans.
After years of rumours, Amazon Game Studios has at last come and announced its first forays into the weird and wonderful world of PC gaming. Announced during TwitchCon 2016 (Twitch was bought by Amazon for the cool sum of $970 million back in 2014), the trio of titles cover a wide range of genres but have one thing in common - they’re all perfect streaming fodder.
Bungie has announced the Iron Banner mode in the multiplayer mode of Destiny will return to the game with a host of new improvements following the concerns and issues gathered from the user feedback the developer has received. Whereas in Destiny's Crucible mode the players are stripped of all power advantage to create a level playing field, the Iron Banner mode was designed to be the opposite.