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CD Projekt Red have been desperately trying to fix their own game after launch, with numerous hotfixes and minor patches to fix certain bugs and glitches. However, they have a pretty chunky update coming soon this month, and CDPR have released a development update on how it’s going and what will be included.
However you feel about the controller debate on PC, there’s a lot of people who like to use them. The problem is they’re very expensive and a little delicate for how expensive they are. In an attempt to allow for a cheaper alternative for gamers, Sony has patented a way for gamers to use household objects like Bananas and Oranges as controllers instead.
Controllers are a man’s best friend when it comes to gaming on consoles, I mean there’s literally no other way to play the games on there without one (or, at least used to be, as some games are now offering keyboard and mouse support). 
Controllers, they’re not exactly the most popular peripheral on PC as many players will bang on about the superior accuracy you get with a mouse and keyboard. But not all games are action shooters; driving games for instance feel much better on a gamepad controller than a typical mouse and keyboard setup (and of course a proper steering wheel peripheral but that’s much more niche and expensive).
Remedy’s next expansion for Control: AWE will begin with a distress call for Jesse, enticing her to the Investigation Sector after it was sealed off.
When Remedy Entertainment released their latest title Control on the Epic Games Store, it understandably received a bit of backlash for being exclusive to the store. However, that is now changing as Remedy and 505 Games have just announced that Control will be getting an Ultimate Edition that includes all the game’s DLC, and will be officially launching on the Steam storefront on August 27th.
The August version of PlayStation 5’s State of Play livestream just debuted last night, and we got a lot of new gameplay and trailers for previously already announced games, as well as a brand new title coming to the PlayStation 5. So we’ve compiled all the latest videos from the stream in a big PlayStation 5 State of Play recap below.
Valve’s infamous Steam Controller saw to bridge the gap between traditional mouse & keyboard controls and gamepad controllers, whether it worked is debatable, but it certainly wasn’t the most popular controller for players. After officially discontinuing the Steam Controller last year, it seems that Valve hasn’t quite scrapped the idea completely, as a new patent was filed for a Steam Controller but this time with swappable components.
PlayStation have officially unveiled the first look at their new ‘DualSense’ PS5 controller, which brings a heap of new designs and features for the next-gen console. Revealing the details on their official PlayStation blog, the new two-toned design and features mark a radical departure from their previous designs that will bring increased immersion to players, aiming for the controller to be “an extension of themselves.”
The new DLC for Control: The Foundation. The bizarre adventures of one Jesse Faden continue in this, the first expansion of Control. Get ready to get weird, again, if this trailer is anything to go by then the newest DLC will be just as wild as the base game.
The first DLC for Control is out in the next two weeks. ‘The Foundation’ will take players beneath the Bureau and back into the oldest house itself to uncover even more mysteries. Playing as Jesse again, we can expect everything to be just as bonkers as the base game. We knew that Remedy is working on 4 new projects after Control; two of which are expansions for the game, The Foundation being the first and the mysteriously titled AWE (Altered World Events, but somehow linked to the Alan Wake series) being the second.