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It’s driver merry-go-round time again for Nvidia GeForce owners. The GeForce 397.64 WHQL driver provides Game Ready Driver support for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Conan Exiles, and Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion.
It’s been lingering in Early Access for the best part of a year now, but in 2018 Conan Exiles will be tearing off its loincloth and bearing all in 2018.
Funcom has just announced, ahem, a mammoth new expansion for Conan Exiles. The free Frozen North add-on doubles the total size of Conan Exile’s world, daring players to venture north to frigid climes. It all looks a bit Sykrim, packed with snow-capped mountains, imposing forests and the token woolly mammoths making it their home.
Take a look at the top-played games  in Steam and you'll quickly come to realise survival games are insanely big business. For games with such simple hooks they have an uncanny ability to keep players going for hundreds if not thousands of hours. To keep them fresh it requires them to be some of the most ambitious games around. Because of this they tend to over-reach, sacrificing performance and fidelity in favour of deep customisation and rich online. Conan Exiles is no different in this respect, although it can be quite eye-catching at times as you can see in these Low v Ultra comparison screens. It also runs pretty terribly, so a lot of people are going to have to spend a bit of time tweaking the graphics settings in order to achieve their desired performance. Here's exactly what cranking those settings up will get you.
I’ve just finished spending a few hours with Conan Exiles, which was enough for me to get my head around some of the basic concepts Funcom is hoping to deliver here. In a nutshell Conan Exiles is your classic survival game. You’re going to be hitting rocks to gather stone, trees to gather wood etc, before fashioning a pickaxe out of the wood and stone. Rinse and repeat, creating ever larger inventions and structures which demand larger pools of resources. If you’ve played Rust or ARK: Survival Evolved, you’re already familiar with this basic formula.
AMD has released its latest Crimson Relive driver, and just in time too because it brings official support for Conan Exiles, which unlocks on Steam later tonight. The Radeon Crimson 17.1.2 driver is the one you’re going to need for optimum performance in this hugely demanding survival game. The Early Access release of Conan Exiles currently has some of the most demanding system requirements around.
It’s less than one week until Funcom launches Conan Exiles onto the unsuspecting world. It’s their answer to the open-world survival sandboxes which have become all the rage. It’s a crowded market, although the competition is also totally janky, because bugs seem par for the course for your typical survival game. Anyway, we’ve now got the details on precisely when you can begin playing Conan Exiles, alongside how much the different versions will set you back.
By now I’m guessing a bunch of you have already descended into the savage world of Resident Evil 7. It’s allegedly rather good you see, a long awaited return to form for the legendary horror series. Before you boot it up again though, be sure to grab the latest GeForce 378.49 WHQL graphics card drivers. It comes with day one Game Ready optimizations, not only for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard but also the imminent arrival of Conan Exiles Early Access and the For Honor closed beta which kicks off this weekend.
It’s come a bit out of left field but the upcoming Conan Exiles has all the signs of the next multiplayer survival smash hit. It’s definitely got the jank, on the basis of the latest trailer, but it’s hard to fault Funcom’s ambition with this one. Some truly massive monsters roam the lands of Conan Exiles. Pair this with gigantic player-made structures and real-time destruction and you have a recipe for disaster.
The combination of dinosaurs, slave armies, loincloths, and, erm, loins, seems to be pretty difficult to resist for a lot of folks, with the upcoming Conan Exiles rapidly rising up the most wanted lists. Funcom’s MMO looks to be the jack-of-all-trades, with survival elements, exploration of ancient civilizations, and dragging enemy players back to your base in order to cut out their heart and sacrifice them to the gods on an altar. Fun times. It’s launching on Steam Early Access on January 31st with what promises to be heaps and heaps of content. That’s not all however - developer Funcom has confirmed it will be arriving with full mod support on day one.
So if you didn’t manage to catch our previous article on Conan Exiles' release, Conan Exiles is Funcom’s new entry into the survival game genre. Going head to head with games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust, the devs behind games such as Age of Conan and The Secret World have just released a new dev diary that explains a little more of what we can expect from this open world survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.