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We thought the steady drip of battle royale games was beginning to slow but apparently not - Firaxis has just announced Civilization VI: Red Death, a new battle royale mode for the heinously addictive turn-based 4X strategy game.
Everyone’s favourite waste of time is about to get even more sprawling. The Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion pack has been announced, bringing a living world ecosystem complete with natural disasters and other events that can forever change the fate of your civilisations.
Civilization VI is set to get its first full expansion pack this coming February. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall has the unenviable task of making this huge game even larger, adding in eight new civilizations, a Great Ages system, a new city loyalty system, Governors, expanded Diplomacy and Government systems, and all the usual new units, districts, wonders and buildings we’ve come to expect.
Two games can't really get more diametrically opposed than Civilization VI and Firewatch. One is a game about conquering the world through any means necessary, the other is a hyper-localized tale of one man's summer job as a park ranger in Wyoming. For our next 12 Games of Christmas battle it's a bit like telling an apple to fight an orange, but if Celebrity Deathmatch could do daft things like that, so can we. It's our last semi-final, pitting Firewatch v Civ 6, which is the better game? Get your vote in below and tweet your support to be in with a chance of winning a game. 
It’s always nice when a game comes along which runs just about perfectly. They’re extremely rare, but Civilization VI is just such a game. However it’s not quite perfection personified. There are still a few bugs and issues which Civ 6 players might run into. Fortunately there are workarounds for all of them, and some tweaks which can even be done to add entirely new modes to Sid Meier’s latest masterpiece.
Firaxis has announced launch details for Civilization VI, and if you want to have any hope of playing as the Aztec’s before the year’s end then you’re going to need to lay down cash for a pre-order. Stump up for a Civilization VI ahead of launch and it’ll net you access to the Aztec civilization, led by the fearsome Montezuma I, 90 days ahead of the rabble buying Civ 6 post-launch.
With the internet abuzz with talk regarding the Vulkan graphics API, devs are taking time to throw their support behind various game programming interfaces. Earlier this week id Software claimed DirectX 12 is 'pointless' compared to its rival, while on the other hand, Firaxis and AMD will work together to bring out the beast within DirectX 12 in their upcoming title - Civilization VI.
A new trailer for Civilization 6 showcases how the cities have now been subdivided into districts and highlights the importance of each of them. New to Civ VI,  cities will actually expand from their base tiles with new districts. Each district will have its own specific function or utility to help in advancing your nation. For example one can focus on growth, or another could focus on research, and specific combinations will needed to build certain wonders.
Clearly Firaxis wasn’t enjoying Stellaris soaking in the glory of its 4X success, because publisher 2K has spoiled the party and announced Civilization VI. It’s been six years since the last mainline Civilization game, and Civ VI once more tasks players with building and expanding a great empire across huge maps.