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Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor, brings tonnes of new features for the Cities: Skylines fans including a new fishing industry, intercity buses, passenger helicopters, water treatment plants and loads more.
Cities: Skylines quest to become the most detail city management simulator in existence continues with the announcement of the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion, the eight squillionth DLC expansion. University life is the focal point for this DLC, as you probably guessed, providing three new area types aimed at students to plop down into your metropolis.
Cities: Skylines continues to get thoroughly more complex and involved with the announcement of the upcoming Parklife expansion, bringing amusement parks, zoos, nature reserves and hand-crafted city parks to Cities: Skylines for the first time.
Colossal Order and Paradox have come up with a fairly novel method of sidestepping the whole ‘paid mods on Steam controversy’. They’ve announced that the next DLC for the hugely successful Cities: Skylines has been created by a modder but will be published by Paradox.
Winter is finally starting to come to an end for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere but Paradox Interactive are giving Cities: Skylines players a reason to step back into that winter chill with the release of Cities Skylines: Snowfall. To see what kind of hits to performance all the new snow features and terrain would create, we benchmarked a performance comparison of vanilla Cities Skylines and the Snowfall expansion using an MSI GTX 980 ti 6gb graphics card.
Thermometers are set to plummet in a fortnight with the confirmation from Paradox Interactive that Colossal Order’s Snowfall expansion for Cities Skylines is forecast to arrive on February 18th. Behind the picturesque expansion pack however, lurks an array of wintry dangers looking to make short shrift of any lackadaisical mayors
We're moving into day five of the 12 Games of Christmas now, and it's the turn of a pair of strategy giants for an epic showdown. Paradox and Colossal Order came along and banished SimCity to the depths of gaming hell where it belongs with the arrival of Cities: Skylines. It's truly one of, if not the most impressive city-builders of all time. It's got a great community, insane mod support, and practically limitless potential to create the city of your dreams.
Paradox Interactive has announced Cities: Skylines’ After Dark expansion will be launching on September 24, 2015. It’s the first expansion pack for Colossal Order’s city-building, crammer in a raft of nocturnal changes to the usual perma-glow of the urban sprawls.
If you hadn’t noticed by now, Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines is something a bit a special. We’ve been building vast metropolises for months now, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the game with all sorts of crazy mods. If you’ve somehow managed to tired of the exhaustive variety of city-building tools, then we come bearing good news, however.
Evergreen city-builder Cities: Skylines has received a comprehensive free update this week. The European flavoured DLC gives Colossal Order’s management game a continental twist, with three new European maps and more than 50 European-style buildings to fill them with. To complement us Europeans' penchant for cramming as much into as little space as possible, wall-to-wall buildings have also been added. Now your Cims can play sardines in your urban masterpieces. 
For a little over a month now, more than a million people have been creating bustling metropolises, sleepy villages, and concrete paradises in Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines. The team has stamped its authority all over the city-builder genre, but it’s plans don’t end here, with a substantial update to Cities: Skylines due within the coming month.