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The dust may have blown over from Gamescom 2019 but The Farm 51 is now ready to share what it was busy showing folks on the show-floor. An extensive gameplay segment from Chernobylite has been revealed, presenting a pre-alpha look at exploring the gigantic Chernobyl nuclear power plant itself.
First revealed last month, ambitious sci-fi horror game Chernobylite has hit Kickstarter alongside a new story trailer which includes an in-game look at what we can expect.
Chernobylite is a newly announced sci-fi horror game set within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. It's the work of The Farm 51, creators of Get Even and World War 3, utilising 3D-scanned photogrammetry to create an eerily lifelike rendition of this abandoned area. Farm 51 has promised Chernobylite will be a non-linear experience with challenging FPS combat, crafting and survival elements, and a few supernatural twists.