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Yesterday Elite creator David Braben was bigging up Frontier’s Elite Dangerous: Arena budget multiplayer spin-off, claiming it could fight with the big boys like COD in the competitive online scene. Well, right back at you Elite, because Treyarch and Activision have just released Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Multiplayer Starter Pack exclusively on PC.
If you haven't heard of Call of Duty by this point I honestly don't know whether to feel sorry for or jealous of you. The juggernaut franchise saw its latest iteration arrive last November. Call of Duty: Black Ops III yet again broke sales records by generating $550 million dollars in worldwide sales within three days of release. We tested the game using an MSI Radeon R9 380 2gb, Intel i7-5820K processer and 16GB of RAM.
If you haven’t noticed just yet, the PC port of Call of Duty: Black Ops III hasn’t exactly got off to the best launch. Widespread performance problems have hampered the game for plenty of PC gamers, leading to Mixed reviews on Steam and a current user score of 2.4 on Metacritic. Ouch.
It’s that time of year again when Nvidia starts pushing out new drivers as quick as we can install them. The latest of these is the 358.87 GeForce Game Ready Driver, which predictably comes with optimised performance and graphics settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which launches on PC tomorrow.
You’ve probably heard a few whispers of this, but Call of Duty is back this Friday. Treyarch’s back at the helm this time, returning to the near future for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This is the second game to profit from Activision’s new three-year development cycle following last year’s Advanced Warfare, so Black Ops 3 has hopefully benefited from plenty of time in the oven.
I don’t know about you but my interest in the latest Call of Duty went from zero to sixty when I heard Treyarch will be bringing official mapping and modding tools to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, along with unranked dedicated servers. It’s the holy trinity of features for multiplayer fan, and a sign Treyarch is really working to meet the needs of PC gamers with Black Ops 3.
Bring out a game each and every year and you’ll inevitably find it’s got to get crazier and crazier to keep people interested. Call of Duty’s been following the annual template for yonks now, but what does Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 bring to the table that’s actually different? Well, it seems as if Treyarch has been given free rein to go a little nuts with the cybernetic abilities this time around, with robotic killer bees, electricity-fuelled punches, and remote grenade detonation.
I didn’t think I could possibly get interested in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode, until the sods at Treyarch released a trailer and it was everything I want. They had me at Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman, and once the doo-wop jazz music kicked in and I knew I’d found a new home.
By now it would probably more surprising if it was announced that a new Call of Duty wouldn’t be containing a Zombies mode, but it’s now at least been confirmed that the Activision-published Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will feature the returning undead when it launches later this year.
In a slightly unusual move, Activision has revealed Call of Duty: Black Ops III's official minimum system requirements alongside the game reveal, a full 6 months ahead of its launch. Treyarch's sci-fi shooter is the first title in the Call of Duty series to be available exclusively on the current-gen consoles, as well as PC of course, and so hopefully a lot has been invested into ensuring this is the best-looking title in the series yet.
A leaked trailer confirms Treyarch is returning this year with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, following a viral campaign earlier this week in its predecessor. The #backinblack trailer offers a few hints of what to expect from this year’s iteration of Activision’s shooter franchise, including the possibility of cybernetic enhancements and advanced battlefield technology.