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Blood Bowl 2 looks pretty good on max settings and doesnt require a beast of a machine to get to that level of visuals. We have run created one of our graphics analysis benchmark videos for Blood Bowl 2, to help you better understand what options you should and shouldnt turn on for your own machine.
Its mayhem, thats for sure. The first digital release of Blood Bowl was a test run. This Games Workshop board game has been developed for decades. The ruleset tweaked and refined again and again. But one thing has always remained, tonnes of fantasy violence with a twist of comedy all mashed into a version of American style football.
Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive have announced Blood Bowl 2 has been delayed from its expected June 2015 release date, and it will now be arriving on September 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
For many of us outside of the States, good old American Football is a bit of a confusing sport. I’ve just about grasped a touchdown, but as for the difference between a blitz and a sack, I’d have to turn to my good friend Google.
Games Workshop’s American Football and Warhammer mash-up Blood Bowl 2 has scored its first touchdown, with Focus Home Interactive debuting in-action in the latest trailer. In this first gameplay trailer for the ultra-violent take on American Football it’s the Orcs in the firing line, as Focus delves into the moves and plays the Human players have.
The cinematic new “Kickoff” trailer for Blood Bowl 2 has arrived, signalling “the beginning of the last sprint” in the game’s development. Cyanide Studios’s board game crossover between Warhammer and American Football pits Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elves, Skaven, Beastmen, cheerleaders and more iconic teams from the world of Blood Bowl, taking a slightly more aggressive approach to the sport than the NFL would approve of.
Cyanide Studio’s upcoming Blood Bowl 2 has had its first gameplay footage reveal, showcasing the eye-gouging, face-smashing Warhammer alternative to American Football. It still somehow manages to look more civilised than many rugby matches I’ve laid eyes on though.
There's nothing like a bit of violence to make every day sports even more exciting.