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So we still haven’t gotten our heads round ray tracing yet, honestly how the hell does it work? Either way all I know is that it makes games look even better (or should I say, more realistic), and it’s now wonder why everyone is coining it as the next big step in graphical fidelity. Sure, it still has some kinks to work out, but hey it’s still in its infancy days right?
Half-Life 2 was made with, and after receiving a blessing from Valve, is now officially releasing version 1.0 and leaving Early Access as of next week.
Yesterday was the original Half-Life’s 20th anniversary, so happy birthday Gordan Freeman! You don’t look a day over 47! To celebrate the occasion, the Black Mesa team reveal a new Xen trailer for its Half-Life remake, showcasing the bizarre alien worlds that formed the back chunk of Valve’s seminal shooter.
The so-long-in-development-it’s-a-wonder-it-still-exists Black Mesa has arrived on Steam Early Access, developer Crowbar Collective has announced. The total remake of the original Half-Life was announced way back in the mists of time, a time before Youtube even existed, a time we called 2004.
It would be fair to say that Black Mesa is the Duke Nukem Forever of the Half-Life universe. Initially teased way back in 2005, the total Half-Life remake saw the first section released for free in September last year.
There are retro games, and then there are the true classics; Tetris, Doom, Unreal Tournament. The games that defined a generation of childhoods.