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Alright cowboys, the showdown is nearly upon us. Who will win? How does Desperados 3 perform on our PC systems? The wild west is an unforgiving place and rewards players for their quick-reflexes and sharp eyes, so does D3 disappoint? Or does it win the duel between game performance and PC hardware? Let's take a look.
It's time to start a robot revolution, as the hour of mankind begins to dwindle, it's up to you to stop the evil forces at work. But how will you be able to handle it? Is your PC up to snuff? We take a look at the FPS performance for various graphics cards in the upcoming sci-fi action game Disintegration.
So you've been out raiding and pillaging, training and competing, trading and diplomacy-ing, but which graphics options are the best in Mount and Blade 2 to keep turned on? And which graphics settings should you turn off to save FPS and frame rates when your PC is struggling to run Bannerlord? We've tested every graphics settings available in Bannerlord to produce this performance setting guide to help you know which settings are best for your gaming PC.
SnowRunner, is a popular driving sim, that lets the player drive massive trucks into and through mud and snow, and its out now for PC. Like lots of other similar simulator titles this game needs to look good, to deliver the right levels of immersion while driving. And to do this right, a game like SnowRunner comes with a hefty PC hardware performance cost. Whilst we've been having a lot of fun exploring the great open areas in SnowRunner, we wanted to see how well the game performs on a selection of graphics cards, especially considering how physics simulation-heavy it is. So does it perform about as well as a wet piece of cardboard? Or does it blitz through like a truck through paper? Let's find out...
Well, Half-Life: Alyx is finally here. It’s been 12 years since we last got a new Half-Life game, and as most of us know, this one is VR-exclusive. While most people who have a VR headset are likely to go and buy a big hit game like HL: Alyx (nice move, Valve), not everyone is going to get the expensive VR hardware required to run the game, especially without first checking if their hardware can run it. So, we are going to take a look at some of the expected PC performance that Half-Life: Alyx gets in these frames per second benchmark results, across a few of our graphics cards…
We have been running around Hell on earth, testing all the graphics options in DOOM Eternal, to better understand the sort of hardware performance impact each graphics video setting has in game and on your PC.
The time has finally come... After what has felt like forever, DOOM Eternal is here upon us, gracing us with it's scorching hot presence. When we all saw the system requirements last week, I think we all took a collective gulp seeing how demanding it was. Well, in order to see how well it performs you can check out all our other benchmarking articles around DOOM Eternal, but for now we can take a look at the kind of graphics settings you'll find when launching the game.
DOOM Eternal is quite a demanding game, as seen by our other articles like the DOOM Eternal Performance Benchmarks and Most Important Graphics Options. And we've also seen from the Official System Requirements that some graphics cards might require you to lower the settings to Medium to get that 60fps target on 1080p. If you were worried about sacrificing graphical quality, then we've got you covered. Here's a look at how different Low, Ultra and Ultra Nightmare graphics settings really are from each other.
We find ourselves once again scorching the Earth (or, more specifically, our PC systems) along with the DOOM Slayer, fighting hordes of demons in our merry trek across the umbral planes. We all saw those Official System Requirements last week that broke us into a sweat just by looking at them, but is DOOM Eternal really that demanding? We aim to find out...
This time last year it would've seemed utterly impossible but the (ex) PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human is now out on PC. Quantic Dream's adventure game portrays the tale of three AI androids who believe themselves sentient, fighting for their to be considered human. It was a big budget, tentpole PS4 release back in 2018 and now it's back and looking better than ever on PC.
Ahh, Halo. It's good to see you back. After well over a decade lost in the Xbox wilderness, Halo is now officially back on PC. Halo: The Master Chief Collection, offering revamped 4K visuals, mouse and keyboard support, and every bit of content that was ever released for Halo Reach on Xbox 360.