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Just a quick public service announcement - EA has made every one of Battlefield 4’s five expansions packs available for free this week. All you need to do is login on any platform (including PC), add them to your basket for the princely sum of nothing, and then check out.
Just a quickie here, but EA has announced that Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC expansion pack is free for everyone to download this week. It’s available to grab on all platforms, and players are free to keep it even after the week’s up.
For those of us interested to get back into the Battlefield 4 warzone, you will be pleased to hear that EA is giving away it's BF4 Second Assault DLC for free until 28th June.
Cast your mind back to the tail end of 2013 and you’ll probably remember a mite of controversy surround Battlefield 4’s launch. It was broken, you see. It had taken an M72 LAW to the face. A combination of poor netcode and game-breaking bugs contributed to one of the most disastrous game launches of the modern era. Not so for Battlefield 1 says DICE, who claims lessons have been learnt and are confident of a much smoother release for the hotly anticipated World War One shooter.
Clearly EA has been knocking back one too many pina coladas in this hot weather we’ve been having because it’s gone all charitable, opting to give away two Battlefield expansion packs totally free of charge. Timed just right to get players hopping into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline before Friday’s reveal of Battlefield 5, PC players have been granted unfettered access to the Dragon’s Teeth and Robbery DLC respectively.
Despite pushing out Star Wars Battlefront in a matter of days time, DICE continues its fine run of post-launch support for Battlefield 4 with the announcement of some new free DLC. Dragon Valley 2015 is a map based on the fan favourite Dragon Valley from Battlefield 2, given a few tweaks to bring it up to date. That dreadful launch for Battlefield 4 feels like a distant memory now.
Battlefield Hardline might be EA’s latest multiplayer shooter darling, but Battlefield 4 is still pulling in the players like few others. So many, in fact, that DICE is working on some hefty updates for its Battlefield 4 Spring Patch, including a rather nifty audio obstruction system for more realistic sounds.
DICE is going to be attempting something quite ambitious with its upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC plans, working together with fans to create an all-new map. The Community Map Project will see the DLC development team working together with the community to shape a playable map.
Battlefield 4’s Premium content calendar has been extended to December 2015, suggesting that DICE may well have a year’s worth of additional downloadable content planned for the next 12 months. DICE’s multiplayer shooter originally shipped in 2013 with a Premium pass granting access to five expansion packs over the following year. That year is now up, but it seems like DICE isn’t done.
Battlefield 4’s Premium content might have all been ushered out of the door, but it doesn’t signal the end of DICE’s plans for its military-themed multiplayer shooter. We thought the fifth and final DLC, Battlefield 4: Final Stand, would be it, with Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline coming soon, but DICE has now moved to assure fans that there will still be more content forthcoming.
Battlefield 4's epic conclusion has arrived. The Final Stand DLC is now available in USA and coming on Wednesday 19th November in the UK.