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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass has been, by all accounts, a bit of a joke. When you slap a £33 / $40 price tag on some DLC before users even know what it is, you kind of set yourself up for a fall. Up until now the content released has been very brief story expansions, additional challenges, and a bunch of new skins.
The number of updates that have been slapped together and pushed out for Batman: Arkham Knight has been frankly exhausting, but here we are just a week before Christmas, and seven months after its aborted launch, with yet another. As you’d expect from a game that was so broken, there’s a laundry list of fixes, which hopefully brings Batman: Arkham Knight to some semblance of playability on struggling systems.
We had thought Rocksteady was done with patching Batman: Arkham Knight, but it turns out that’s not the case. A brand new update has just rolled out on Steam for the PC version, fixing a number of high priority issues including VRAM usage and framerate hitches.
By now the farce that is Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC launch should be dead and buried, but after being removed from Steam, and added back despite performing worse for some people post-patch, Warner Bros has actually thrown the towel in and given up on one of its prominent performance problems - multi-GPU support.
The Batman: Arkham Knight saga has sank to all new levels of woe following the re-release. After four months of waiting, the patched version of Batman: Arkham Knight arrived last Wednesday. Promising improved performance across a range of systems, our benchmark testing has shown the update in fact lowers the frame rate.
The wait has been long, and more than a bit arduous, but Warner Bros Games has finally announced the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will be available to buy in a matter of weeks. The eagle-eyed among you will note Arkham Knight was available on June 23rd on PC, but it was swiftly removed from sale following consumer backlash over its disastrous performance.
It was way back in mid June that Batman: Arkham Knight launched, and now, in September, it's nearing an acceptable state on PC. I strongly emphasise the word acceptable. Not good, not great; acceptable. Batman: Arkham Knight still isn't a well optimised port, but with the interim Patch 2, it is at least taking another shaky step towards being ready for sale once more.
After a false start yesterday, the Batman: Arkham Knight Interim update has finally managed to sneak out of Warner Bros HQ. Originally going live yesterday, WB Games swiftly whipped it down for reasons unknown, but now it’s available for all to download. The second Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch weighs in at a 626.2MB download.
The second Batman: Arkham Knight patch surfaced last night. I know because I managed to grab it, but like the Caped Crusader himself, it disappeared into the darkness as Warner Bros appeared to roll back the update. My copy has since reverted back to the 1.01 version, but I had a brief look at what the patch has in store.
It’s been just about a month now since Batman: Arkham Knight was stripped from the Steam store following a frankly disastrous PC launch. In the ensuring weeks, Rocksteady, WB Games and Nvidia have been working together on fixing a mighty mess. We’re expecting an ‘interim’ patch in August before a full update this fall, and Nvidia’s Thomas Petersen is confident it’s going to be worth the wait.
Warner Bros Games has confirmed that this week’s Batgirl DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed on PC. Post-launch content is being put on the backburner while WB Games and Rocksteady work on ironing out the crippling performance issues with the PC of Batman: Arkham Knight.