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Bohemia Interactive has announced that its tactical military shooter ArmA III will be getting a rather curious piece of free DLC in the coming months.
Over it's last two releases, Bohemia Interactive's ArmA series has tried to set itself apart from your average shooter by adding a touch more realism to the game.
A new community guide video for ArmA III has been released that provides some expert tactics for troops using rockets or missiles, and snipers
The regular GD visitor will have seen these requirements coming, as Bohemia Interactive, the ARMA 3 devs, have continually kept us updated for the past couple of years on what is to be the expected requirements.
As entertaining as it can be to run around with assault rifles and RPG's, real life combat isn't like Call of Duty. If you're more of a fan of realism, you almost certainly know about the ArmA series.
Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, both developers of Bohemia Interactive, have been arrested a month ago. The reason for this was suspicion of spying on military secrets.
The ArmA series has laid a claim to the title of "most real to life military simulator" for the past 5 or so years now and today Behomeia Interactive, the developers of the series, have just announced that ArmA 3 is in development and will begin its first showcasing at E3 this year.