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Patience has had to be preached by Respawn in the eight months since Apex Legends shadow dropped into our hearts but it looks as if that patience is about to be rewarded. 
It didn’t take long but Apex Legends has got itself a microtransaction problem. The F2P battle royale shooter has always been a fairly generous package in terms of how it doles out content and rewards, on top of being, well, free. It stands to reason Respawn and Electronic Arts need ways to monetise the game, although the new ‘Iron Crown’ event seems a ludicrous way to get about it.
They say cheaters never prosper (except when they worm themselves into the Whitest of Houses), and cheaters are certainly in for a bad time if they give Apex Legends new Ranked mode a shot. Respawn has developed a system which throws cheaters and spammers through matchmaking, pitching gaming’s worst denizens against one another in a hellish battle of ‘my wall hack’s better than your aimbot’.  
There’s a curious aura surrounding Apex Legends these days. The peppy little usurper to Fortnite’s battle royale crown, Apex Legends launched to a wave of goodwill and hype. However, a slower update schedule compared to Fortnite has seen Apex Legends fade from grace somewhat.
Respawn has proven itself fairly unwilling to mess with a working formula since Apex Legends’ February 4th launch, preferring to make tiny tweaks rather than the wholesale weekly changes we see in Fortnite. This has naturally led to worries over stagnation but, content aside, the new Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 makes comfortably the biggest balance changes since launch.
Nvidia has dropped yet another new graphics card driver. It’s getting a big exhausting now. This particular GeForce 419.35 GPU driver heralds Game Ready support for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Apex Legends.
The previously untouchable dominance of Fortnite looks as if it’s under threat. New figures published for the highest grossing titles worldwide in January 2019 has revealed Fortnite’s earnings dropped a massive 48% month on month compared to December.
Data miners have been going a little bit mad with the latest build of Apex Legends, uncovering a whole treasure trove of potential updates coming to the battle royale shooter. This includes new modes, features, and the skills of the first two new Legends.
Apex Legends has been out for well over a week now and you've had a fair chunk of time to get to grips with Respawn's battle royale shooter. When you hit the ground and scramble for your loot, the only thing that separates you from everyone else is which is the Legends you picked. Each grants you special bonus abilities, both passive and activated, and all of them can help to turn the tide of battle in your favour. But which is the best?
We’re a bit late catching up on this one but Respawn has pushed the first patch for Apex Legends.
Welcome to another episode of ‘How Well is Apex Legends Doing?’ It turns out it’s doing really rather well indeed, hitting 25 million unique players within just a week of its launch, including a concurrent player count peak of 2 million over the weekend. I know, I was there when the servers came to a grinding halt for 45 painful minutes.