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Another day, another reminder that Steam’s grip on PC gaming is perhaps a whole lot looser than we’d been kidding ourselves to believe. Ubisoft has announced that Anno 1800 has become the fastest-selling Anno to date, shifting four times as many copies in its first week than Anno 2205.
Wow, Anno 2205 is a lot more complex than I was expecting. In the city builder’s ‘endless game’ there’ll be a total of twelve different sectors spread over the Temperate Zone, the Arctic Zone and the Lunar Zine.
Blue Byte's bizarre propensity for creating games whose numerals total nine appears to be continuing in fine fashion with Anno 2205. As you can surmise from a quick look at your calendar, Anno 2205 is set some two hundred years in the future, so this city builder is all about gleaming neon sprawls. Away from the usual city construction there's also lunar bases to manage and plundering the arctic for all it's got with the resource management system. I expect you'll be delighted to hear from the year 2205 that icebergs still exist, so maybe Donald Trump was right all along. 
I’ve always wondered where they find those people to do AI-twinged voice-overs for sci-fi strategy games, but Anno 2205’s creative director Dirk Riegert has solved the mystery once and for all in the latest trailer for Blue Byte’s game. He sounds like he should be telling me where the emergency exits are on a drop-pod.
City-builders are seldom visual showcases these days, but on the basis of Anno 2205’s Gamescom trailer, this one’s an absolute looker. Developed by Anno regulars Blue byte and with Ubisoft in charge of publishing, Anno 2205 leaps yet further into the future for the series.