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Remember the colossal turd that was Aliens: Colonial Marines? Jac does, he spent £50 on it on launch day, the sucker. They say time heals all wounds. Well not that one. I say all this because a modder is attempting to give this particular turd the polishing of its life, all in an effort to turn it into quality product. Surely it can’t be possible was my hot take, but I’m eager to see how and if this alchemist can take faeces and turn it into gaming gold.
Sega is still reliving the embarrassment that was last year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, and has now agreed to a $1.25 million settlement pay out after a class-action suit was filed against them for false advertisement. Gearbox Software was also named in the suit but it is continuing the fight the claims in court.
Aliens: Colonial Marines was a very interesting release earlier this year, with incredible numbers of complaints that the game looked and played nothing like the early previews.
In one of the several high profile game disasters this year, Aliens: Colonial Marines was released after several years of troubling development, to much disappointment.
There have been several game debacles already this year, so you might have to cast your mind back to the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines.
Gearbox Games head honcho Randy Pitchford took to Twitter recently in the wake of the resounding THUD that was Aliens: Colonial Marines crash landing from a deafening wall of boos from...
There's been a lot of flak going around about the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines. Many people are not too happy with it, and there's a bit of a blame game going on with the developers.
Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines is only a month from being released. This title has been in the development queue for a long time.
New Year is getting closer and closer, and Aliens: Colonial Marines is SEGAs next title on the horizon.
The good thing about Eurogamer is it’s a bit bloody loud. That meant only Felix, sat at the booth next to me, could hear my girlie screams as an alien dropped onto me from out of nowhere, for the tenth time and this time ripped my head clean off my shoulders in one powerful swipe.