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Madmind Studio, of Agony fame/controversy, has announced its decision to cancel the development of Agony Unrated, the planned uncensored version of its sex and violence-fuelled trip into the depths of hell.
Madmind Studio has published the scenes which were cut from its recent release of Agony on both PC and consoles. They announced on release day that a couple of endings had to be removed from the game in order to be accepted by PEGI and other ratings companies.
In amongst all the weird vagina-headed demon men, the upcoming Agony has some semblance of a story. It’s all revealed in a new ‘story’ trailer, which appears to be about the player finding a way back to the land of the living. Really though, it’s another excuse to show a blood-soaked naked woman throwing a strange little fetus manbaby into a gobbly Sarlacc pit.
Sometimes, names are just perfectly apt. Genghis Khan just sounds like he’s going to murder millions of people, while Madmind Studios’ Agony sounds like a game designed to pipe pain and anguish directly into your veins.
There are few games which look like truly too much for me to stomach, but Agony appears to be just such a game. Staying true to its namesake, Agony is a no-holds-barred survival horror game set in the depths of hell. It’s not cartoon-y fire and brimstone either, but pulsating walls of flesh, crying foetuses, and faceless abominations. The prospect of actually spending time in this world is indeed a grim one if the latest, extensive gameplay demo is anything to go by.