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Welcome to day 2 of the 12 Games of Christmas tournament where a dozen games battle it out to be the best gift to receive under the tree when you wake up on that festive morning. Yesterday we saw Assassins Creed Valhalla and Death Stranding duke it out for a spot at the semi-final, with AC Valhalla ultimately taking the top spot with 238 votes against 87...
The launch of Watch Dogs: Legion has been a bit rocky to say the least, with performance issues and game breaking bugs plaguing the third installment since release. Ubisoft still hasn’t officially fixed the save game problem, but they have now added a manual save option in the latest update, as well as announcing that multiplayer has been delayed until 2021.
A few days ago, Ubisoft posted a message saying that an update will be coming for Watch Dogs: Legion that aims to fix the corrupted save file issue many users are experiencing. Well a new update arrived recently and fixed several crashing issues, but no fix for the corrupted saves just yet.
Whether you have a PC, or prepping yourself to buy a next-gen console like the Xbox Series X, you have to admit this is a pretty great time for all gamers. Finally it looks like consoles are catching up to PC, and whilst nothing will ever come close to the metal boxes we keep under our desks, the metal boxes we keep under our TVs are certainly getting there.
The recent release of Watch Dogs: Legion has had some mixed reception, acclaimed by critics for its gameplay and story, but criticized by players for its poor performance and optimization issues. Now another problem is plaguing the game: corrupted save files, and a fix won’t be coming until next week.
Ubisoft recently launched their third entry in the hacker-centric series with Watch Dogs: Legion to mild success. Whilst the game proved to be pretty demanding even on modern hardware, many users have been reporting significant performance issues. And now, on top of all that, it looks like the full source code for WD Legion has been leaked online.
Watch Dogs Legion recently released the other day, and whilst it did seem to be pretty demanding even on modern day hardware, Ubisoft issued a statement earlier today that they would be releasing a hotfix patch that promised to increase performance, especially on Nvidia's RTX GPUs.
Watch Dogs Legion released yesterday to a mixed reaction in terms of performance. We found the game to be pretty demanding on higher graphics settings and resolutions but still playable, however many users online are complaining about terrible performance, and a new hotfix update on PC aims to fix that.
Watch Dogs Legion, the game about rebellious hackers in a futuristic post-brexit London, is out today, giving us the freedom to recruit anyone we want for our underground hacker group. It certainly looks pretty good, but how well does it perform on your current hardware and what are the graphics option sticking points that hack the power from your own hardware?
Watch Dogs Legion is out soon, the third entry in the Watch Dogs universe that sees a group of rebel hackers fight back on the streets of London. Watch Dogs: Legion certainly has a lot of nifty graphical features and looks pretty good, but how does it perform? We take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Watch Dogs Legion...
Watch Dogs: Legion is just 2 days away from release now, and whilst Nvidia have already confirmed and showed off a bit of the game’s ray tracing capabilities, we have yet to get a proper comparison video. Luckily, thanks to YouTube user Cycu1, we finally have a good Watch Dogs Legion ray tracing comparison video.