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Capcom recently held a Resident Evil Showcase event yesterday, and with it they revealed exactly when Resident Evil 8 will be launching. On top of that they also released a brand new gameplay demo and trailer for the game along with the reveal of some more Resident Evil goodness.
Last year Capcom revealed their next entry in the mainline Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil Village, is set to launch this year and in anticipation for the game’s release Capcom is holding a Resident Evil showcase next week that will debut a brand new trailer and official gameplay demo for RE8.
Sony recently hosted another PlayStation 5 showcase, and whilst it was predominantly about new gameplay and trailers for the upcoming next-gen console, Sony also revealed the official launch date and price for the PS5.
The PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming livestream brought us a few surprises, most notably including the reveal of the PS5 console itself and it’s design. However, one of the other notable surprises was the official reveal of Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village. In a recent interview, the producers of Resident Evil 8 were asked several questions, and they revealed some interesting bits of information about the upcoming 8th instalment.
The latest Resident Evil entry seems to be making more of an impact on the RE series just as the previous one did, as Resident Evil 7 pretty much changed most of the fundamental features of the franchise, Resident Evil Village seems like it might be adding a couple of original mechanics…
It’s official folks, the next entry in the original survival horror series has been revealed following the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming livestream. Resident Evil 7. After trying to live a peaceful life, tragedy strikes Ethan once again, disrupting their new way of living, and he is forced to survive a brand new nightmare.
It’s been 3 years since RE3 Remake). So, it’s safe to say that Resident Evil is kind of on a roll right now. We all know that Resident Evil 8 will be announced eventually, it’s inevitable and will be almost as shocking as a reveal for another Call of Duty game. 
Keep the salt mill at the ready but there are reports Capcom is currently planning development of an unannounced Resident Evil 8. Considering the positive reception to the last two Resident Evil games this wouldn’t exactly come as a massive shock, although it would be interesting to see Capcom go the sequel route after the Resident Evil 2 remake outsold Resident Evil 7’s lifetime sales within a week.