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We’re coming to the end of E3 2021 now, and what a rollercoaster it has been. Capcom recently held their showcase and with it brought a few announcements for fans of some of their upcoming and released games. But most important of all was the announcement that DLC is officially coming for Resident Evil 8.
We are merely a few days away from the official beginning of E3 2021, and although most attendees have already revealed their showtimes and whatnot, Capcom has just confirmed what they will be showing off during their own showcase, and it looks to be more like updates to existing games rather than new games and announcements outright.
It’s no secret right now that the Resident Evil franchise has been going through a bit of a resurgence ever since the 7th installment was released, and it looks like the latest entry is on track to be one of the biggest in the series so far, quite impressive for a game in a series 8 iterations down the line.
The Resident Evil series has long had a fixed/third person camera perspective, with only the two latest entries in the main series featuring a first person perspective. Considering that Resident Evil 8 feels very much like a spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4, some fans may want to experience a third person mod instead, which one user is currently working on.
The next chapter in the Resident Evil mainline series is finally here and looking better than ever. Performance so far has been pretty good but still a little demanding on mid-range hardware, but that doesn't mean there isn't room to improve. How demanding is each graphics settings individually? What are the most demanding graphics settings? And how much can we adjust each setting to give us better performance?
Capcom’s latest venture in the Resident Evil universe has clearly paid off, as they have just announced some record sales numbers for Resident Evil 8 which just launched last Friday, already selling over 3 million copies and beating Resident Evil 7’s launch. Though it comes close behind series performers RE5 and RE6.
The Resident Evil series has been going on a bit of a resurgence ever since its short period of insanity that led to the notorious Resident Evil 6, and the recent release of Resident Evil 8 has proven to be the most successful launch for any RE game in the series to date, at least in terms of raw concurrent player numbers.
The resident of all evils is finally here as Resident Evil 8 has launched today on multiple platforms. The series has found a home on PC platforms recently thanks to the stunning RE Engine that brings photorealistic graphics to the Horror franchise, and PC players get to make the most of it. But how well does it perform? And what kind of hardware do you need to play at its best? Let's take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Resident Evil 8...
It's finally here... the highly anticipated sequel in the mainline Resident Evil series is upon us. The game launched today and we can all start to prepare some new pants for when we inevitably get terrified to hell. But before we jump in and get started, what kind of graphics settings can we expect in Resident Evil 8? And how much can we adjust them?
Not long now until Capcom’s latest mainline entry into the Resident Evil series finally graces our desktops, but when exactly will it release in your region? What time does it unlock so you can play it at the exact moment it comes out? We’ve listed out the Resident Evil 8 unlock times according to your region.
The entire Resident Evil franchise has gone through several extreme makeovers. It first started out with a brutal and horrifying survival experience, then transformed into an action-focused third person shooter with Resident Evil 4, followed by many more. If you’ve been thinking about how the latest installment feels much more action-oriented than horror-oriented, then it turns out there’s a reason for that.