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Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, the first ever footage of ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ PC in action. Rockstar has dropped a 4K, 60 frames per second in-game trailer for RDR2, showcasing all the technical enhancements and graphical doodads coming to the PC version.
We’ve had a week or so to digest the ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ PC system requirements and the general consensus seems to be ‘phew’. While plenty of AAA titles are placed at the cutting edge of technology, Red Dead Redemption 2’s are actually very reasonable. In fact, RDR 2’s system specs are pretty much bang in line with the industry average over the last 12 months. It means Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t even have high enough specs to crack our list of the Top 100 Most Demanding Games on PC. 
Between ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬, ¬¬g_id:6039[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare]¬¬, and the confirmation the PlayStation 5 will use 100GB Blu-Ray discs, we are entering a new dawn of game install sizes. The next-gen consoles aren’t even out yet and we’re already seeing a tripling of AAA game install sizes from the start of this generation, and even those games were 10x the size of previous-gen titles. Skyrim was 5GB at launch, for example. ¬¬g_id:35623[Fallout 76]¬¬ was 50GB (and growing massively). Red Dead Redemption 2 is 150GB at launch. In eight years, game install sizes have increased 2900%, and holiday 2020 heralds the arrival of next-gen consoles.
We now know exactly what PC hardware is required to play ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ on PC, but just how good is this stunning open-world narrative-driven game going to look on the world’s most powerful gaming platform? Rockstar has revealed the first screens of RDR2 on PC, providing a sneak peek of what’s in store from the ultimate version of this Western epic.
So you've decided you want to play ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬. Now it comes down to the business of deciding what you're going to play it on. Compared to playing a lot of AAA titles, building a PC to run Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually very cheap. You can play RDR2 on a PC build for as little as $450.
¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ is the joint-highest reviewed game of this entire gaming generation. Rockstar's magnum opus is a Western epic. A rootin' tootin' ride through the Wild West against some of the visually stunning backdrops ever created. And Red Dead 2 is out on PC in less than four weeks' time. This doesn't leave you with much time to prepare, pardner, so saddle up. Here are the PC system specs required to run Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.
Over on Overclock3D they’ve actually come up with a very interesting theory as to why there’s only a month-long wait for ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ to come to Steam, rather than the customary 12-month delay. 
The cat’s finally out of the bag, ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ is coming to PC. It is a fine ass game, one I’m still playing well over a year later on PS4, a truth which can only be said for about two or three other games in existence. Red Dead 2 is an open-world masterpiece, one of with unparalleled level of detail in its own world, while Red Dead Online has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and become a genuinely exciting mode in its own right.
It’s now official, ¬¬g_id:9339[Red Dead Redemption 2]¬¬ is coming to PC and it’s coming very soon indeed. 
UPDATE: And we're back with what's now turning into a daily update on Red Dead Redemption 2 PC. We might make it a regular segment - Red Dead Hour on GD News. 
We’re not ones for conspiracy theories but Rockstar North has just made a pretty sizeable change to its Edinburgh-based HQ. Rockstar North is the main global office for Rockstar and they’re typically very proud of the games they put out. For the last two or three years, they’ve had Red Dead Redemption 2 proudly emblazoned across the front of its HQ. But, and here’s where it gets interesting, this weekend it was all ripped down.