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The launch of Outriders earlier this month was unfortunately riddled with issues, one of the most prominent was a bug that caused an entire player’s inventory to be completely wiped, losing all items they had acquired up until that point. Thankfully the inventory restoration event will be happening soon, and Square Enix has just given the latest details.
Square Enix’s recent looter-shooter released just under 2 weeks ago with some rocky launch issues. Since then, some of the problems have been fixed, notably crossplay, but a massive problem still remains: the random inventory wipes. Square Enix says that the issue has now been “drastically reduced”, but it still remains a problem nonetheless.
Square Enix’s latest Looter-Shooter may be a little divisive at the moment, but its launch was less than smooth for many players. Not only were there problems with servers and (due to the game’s always-online nature) meant users couldn’t even play the game, but multiple users experienced a weird inventory wipe bug. But one player has now found a folder that stored 23GB of crash dumps on their hard drive.
The launch of Outriders didn’t exactly go very smoothly with many bugs and performance problems plaguing the first week’s experience, not to mention the constant disconnects and certain players unable to even play the game. Thankfully, the first major patch is due out next week and aims to improve performance, fix inventory bugs and more.
People Can Fly’s attempt at a looter shooter is finally out now, and whilst you can play it alone it is very much accustomed to co-op online gameplay. The problem with playing with random people online in video games is that you can sometimes come across cheaters. But apparently Outriders has a very unique way of dealing with cheaters by branding rather than banning.
People Can Fly's upcoming looter shooter is officially launching tomorrow, and have now revealed the proper recommended and Ultra PC system requirements. Previously Square Enix said they would reveal Ultra specs at a later date, but have also seemingly updated the recommended requirements for some reason.
The upcoming looter shooter from People Can Fly may be kicking off the biggest games coming out in April 2021, but when exactly are you going to be able to play it? And when can you start pre-loading the game? Well, luckily that information has now been revealed so we can get started playing as soon as possible.
Square Enix have given all the details for the demo coming out this week for the upcoming looter shooter Outriders from developer People Can Fly, and it seems to be a pretty generous trial for the upcoming game. Here’s all the details so far that SE have revealed.
The latest shooter from People Can Fly, Outriders, has recently been delayed by a little while but at least a demo will be coming out soon. So, in preparation for the demo, Square Enix has released the official Outriders PC system requirements and they're not that demanding.
The sci-fi co-op third person shooter RPG, Outriders (wow that’s a mouthful) has once again been delayed. This time moving the launch from February to April. However, the developers People Can Fly will be releasing an official demo in February for players to get familiar with the title before launch.
It wasn’t very surprising to hear that Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgement to life, but it was surprising to see that it was taking a lot of gameplay elements from typical modern-day looter shooters. Thankfully, a rep from the studio announced that there will be no microtransactions present, and that the gameplay is not at all planned to be a 'games as a service' title, so yippee to us!