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The Metro series has slowly become a cult favorite, with the latest entry proving the most successful and diverse from the previous 2 entries. With the Enhanced Edition launching later today, what kind of graphics improvements can we expect? Thankfully, we now have a comparison video to show it off.
4A Games recently revealed a PC Enhanced Edition of their most recent installment in the Metro games series, which brings a fully ray traced lighting system upgrade to the base game among other optimizations like DLSS. It’s officially launching next week on May 6th, but the developer notes also reveals something about AMD’s upcoming alternative to DLSS, known as FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).
Developer 4A Games recently announced a fully ray traced "Enhanced Edition" of their latest entry in the Metro franchise. Free for all owners of the original game, it essentially replaces all lighting with ray tracing, and the PC system requirements reveal it needs a pretty beefy setup in order to run at its best.